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The D Team Retreat (Discipleship Team) is an opportunity for your committed teens to enter more deeply into community, formation, and the mission of evangelization. At the D Team retreat teens will encounter Christ anew in their own hearts, then they will be commissioned and empowered to serve as missionary disciples at AmpFest and beyond.  These teens will work alongside their youth minister at AmpFest to draw the seekers of your group into an authentic experience of the beauty of Christian community and the joy of the Gospel. They will also become essential in connecting those seekers back into the life of the parish after AmpFest. We strongly encourage each parish attending AmpFest to send at least 1 or 2 committed disciples and as many as 1 per 10 youth attending Ampfest to the D Team Retreat. This retreat will endeavor to foster a sustained effect in their lives and in your parish youth ministry. 

Please note that registering for the D Team Retreat does not register you for Ampfest nor does it include that additional cost. That registration should be done through your Group Leader. Although the registrations are separate, D Team registrants are required to attend Ampfest as well.


DATE & TIME:      June 22 (10:00 a.m.)  -   June 23 (3:00 p.m.) This is an overnight retreat that will lead into the AmpFest event.

WHO:    Incoming Juniors through graduated Seniors (2018 - 2019).

LOCATION: St. Patrick Catholic Church, Troy, OH. Overnight accommodations at the nearby Holiday Inn Express in Troy, OH.

COST:  $30

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and overnight accommodations.

RETREAT DETAILS: Community building,  Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Mass, equipping talks on discipleship and evangelization, music by ALOB, and  morning prayer.

PERMISSION FORM: A separate signed permission form must be brought with the participant to the retreat. This permission form, like the registration, is in addition to and separate from the registration and permission form for AmpFest. Please use the links below to register and download the permission form.