If you have any issues with registration or inquires about the event please email


Fr. Eric Bowman (937) 503-3320


Name                                                    Parish                                                                   Position

Fr. Eric Bowman                               Transfiguration parish                                   

Fr. Ethan Moore                               St. Peter’s parish                              MC of event and Liturgy

Dennis Hile                                          Transfiguration                                 Business Manager

Danny Schneible                               Transfiguration                                 Sound/Music

Cyndi Cathcart                                   St Patrick                                             Logistics and prayer

Hollie Danis                                        St. Patrick                                            Registration

Pat Smith                                             St. Patrick                                            Prayer and logistics

Sam Newman                                    Transfiguration                                 Website | Social Media

Andrea Dexter                                  Transfiguration                                 Marketing Co-chair

Wade Dexter                                     Transfiguration                                 Safety Services Chair

Will Marsh                                          Immaculate Conception                 Registration Committee

Wendy Fisher                                    St. Patrick                                            food committee

Steve Kirner                                       St. Patrick                                            food committee

Traci Kirner                                         St. Patrick                                            food committee

Tom Spayde                                       St. Patrick                                            Logistics committee

Julie Billing                                          Transfiguration                                 Marketing Co-chair