Awakening faith for Jesus Christ in the hearts of a seeking generation.


Amp Fest seeks to invite teens to behold the authentic joy of the Christian community, to cultivate an interest in the Gospel through beauty, and to propose Jesus Christ as the answer to their deepest desires.

Event Description

Through joy, community, beauty and mystery, Ampfest seeks to provide a space to engage those teens who perhaps have yet to encounter Jesus Christ, but are nonetheless seeking him in their pursuit of happiness, hope, and meaning in their life. We know that this encounter is most likely to happen in an authentic Christian community. To that end, Ampfest seeks to be an expression of this joy and beauty when the Christian community - disciples and seekers together - gather in the name of Jesus Christ to encounter Him.


When Is The Event?

June 23, 2018

Opens March 1, Early bird closes midnight April 16 ($25)

April 17 - June 11 ($30) Final Registration closes June 11

June 11 - June 23: Adds on up to day of event for $35


Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal
3505 Calumet Road
Ludlow Falls, Ohio


GPS for cars and vans to park:  7640 Milton-Potsdam Road, West Milton Ohio – parking is offsite, use this address in your GPS to park! (see below section)

GPS for buses dropping off: 3505 Calumet Rd, Ludlow Falls, Ohio – after drop off all vehicles, including buses will be moved to the school on Milton-Postdam Road as listed above.

The event will be at the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal, on Calumet Road, busing will be provided (see below).

The Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal, also called The Lange Estate, is located between West Milton and Troy, in west central Ohio; this is about 20 minutes from the I70-I75 interchange.  Facilities include a picnic shelter, bathrooms, woods, beautiful gardens, and nature trails.  For this event additional support will be added, including tents and staging.


To allow for plenty of spacious, paved parking, all vehicles will be parked at Milton Union Local Schools, in West Milton, only 6-8 minutes away.  Please have all cars and vans park at: 7640 Milton-Potsdam Road, West Milton Ohio. Shuttle service, free of charge, will be provided to and from the event for cars and vans.  Buses may drop off and pick up participants at the AMP Event on Calumet Road, but will park at the school during the event.


Dinner is included in the registration fee.  Details are being finalized but will include a main dish, sides and water bottles will be available.   This will be provided for each paying teen, youth group leader and chaperone registered.